Protecting your IT structure

Running a business that depends on tourism in Alaska probably means you depend on the internet to promote your business to those outside of our great state as well as some local clients. How do you stay safe? How do you convey to your clients that their data like name, address, credit card numbers, and so on are secure with you? How do you make sure your reputation is solid with regard to data protection AND a great time spent in Alaska?

DanTech Services can help you stay productive and keep the cyber thieves out of your network so you can build your business and spend time with your clients.

DanTech Services can help you to maintain uptime with your network and even work with you to find the best internet connections. Our employees have experience beyond just IT support to include working with your vendors like GCI, ACS, AT&T and so on. Our team is here to help.

Protecting your client’s data is not just the right thing to do. A data breach can put you out of business. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance 60% of small businesses (under 250 employees) will not survive a data breach. Many small businesses do not spend the money on the proper type of data protection. Cyber thieves know this and exploit it.

We are here to help you to avoid all these problems once and forever. Let’s start with assessing what your IT structure needs:

Network Security

New network security technologies from DanTech Services are easy to understand and tailored for your business needs

Managed Services

When you need managed services in Anchorage to maintain peak operation in IT network of your business consider DanTech Service

Data Backup and Recovery

From cloud services to data backup, DanTech Services Inc to deliver the Best of Class solution.

Remote IT Services

We can plugin to your network and computers from afar, making it easier for DanTech Services to fix your issues

Alaska SonicWALL

DanTech Services is official re-seller of SonicWALL and provides knowledgeable management, support & sales of SonicWALL UTM's

UnBox Solutions

The DTS Unbox delivers the IT essentials that small businesses need the most, at an affordable price